Welcome to Copenhagen Beauty League 2023! 

This will be the very first edition of the competition and we hope it will grow big, so in the future we will be able to make many more competitions both live and online and with more categories for everytime. 
One of our main goals is also to make a live event for the beautyindustry. 

Copenhagen Beauty League is hosted by Marilou Lashes. 
Marilou Lashes are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is founded by the danish lash tech, Marie-Louise. 
Marie-Louise have been an active competitor all over the world since 2016 and it have always been her dream to make a danish competition. 
So this is the first step at the journey - and we hope there will be many more of them! 



01/06 2023 23:59 (danish time) - All work has to be sended in! 

03/06 - 14/06 2023 - The judges will make their voting 

20/06 2023 20:00 (danish time) - Price ceremony live at our Instagram Account. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at the email copenhagenbeautyleague@mariloulashes.dk 
Also if you think you have a good idea for this event. 

Good luck to everybody!