Rules for the Copenhagen Beauty League 2023 
- No exceptions 



01/06 2023 23:59 (danish time) - All work has to be sended in! 

03/06 - 14/06 2023 - The judges will make their voting 

20/06 2023 20:00 (danish time) - Price ceremony live at our Instagram Account. 

General rules

- No refunds of competition fees are given. They're non refundable. 

- Once you have registered you cannot change the division/level. So make sure you chose the right one - and please double check. 

- You can enter as many times in the same category as you want to. So if you have 3 pretty set of classics you want to send in, you can enter 3 times. 

- Do also make sure you are in the right division / level. Do you choose the wrong division/level, you'll be disqualified. 

- Works submitted after deadline will not be judged. 

- Deadline will be 01/06 2023 at 23:59 danish time (GMT+2)




- All photos have to be your own. Your not allowed to use someone elses photos for this competition. 

- Only high quality photos will be accepted. Poor quality photos can make a reduction in points. 

- If you already have been posting the photos online, they have been in magazines or published any possible way, they can't be used for the competition. It will cause disqualification. Please create new work for this competition. 

- Red eyes will cause 5 points reduction in the total points. Make sure there is no red eyes! 

- Edititing photos are strictly prohibited and will cause disqualification. Also if you blur the skin. Original photos only! 

- No logo / watermarks etc. at the pictures. Then they'll not be judged. 

- Have a neutral background for the photos. Or so neutral as possible. 

- No color contactlenses for any of the categories.

- Please do only send the pictures asked for! Not more. 


Sending the photos 

- All photos has to be sended to email 

- Deadline is 01/06 2023 at 23:59 danish time (GMT+2) 

- Work sended later than deadline will not be judged. 

- Pictures should be sended in af Google Drive Folder or at to the email. One entry = one folder. Please send the link to the email when entering. 

- Please send a copy or screenshot together with your photos, so we can make sure it is right. 


For the Classic (1:1) nomination

- Maximum thickness is 0.15 

- No flatlashes allowed 

- Only black or brown lashes are allowed 


For the 3D and Mega Volume nomination: 

- Maximum thickness is 0.07 

- No premades allowed 

- Only black or brown lashes are allowed 

- Please stick to the D's. If you have entered the 3D nomination, then only 3D fans are allowed. 
If you have entered the Mega Volume at least 5D is required. 


For the Lash Lift Nomination 

- Overproceeding of the lashes will cause -10 points from the total points. 

- If you want to, you can color both upper and lower lashes


For the Color Lash Nomination 

- Maximum thickness allowed is 0.15 for classic and 0.07 for volume 

- All colors are accepted 

- Both single lashes and volume lashes are accepted 

- No flatlashes allowed